The fantastic thing about using CICO for weight loss is that it is relatively simple to get started without any large financial commitment.

Once you have taken the first steps to get started with CICO, the next step for actually executing the plan is to just start tracking the food you eat with a food scale.

Many people make the mistake of estimating these amounts when logging their food into MyFitnessPal. Do yourself a favour and from the start, do not make this mistake. Get yourself a food scale and weigh your food. Weigh every single thing you eat and log it accurately and honestly.

One reason why so many people struggle with portioning in the first place because it’s simply too difficult to accurately estimate how much you are eating. Furthermore you might be conditioned to overeat.

The goal of CICO is to learn how much you actually need to be eating on a daily basis and then make sure you have a thorough understanding of what that volume of food looks like across various foods.

A food scale is absolutely essential for this process. You simply cannot accurately eyeball portions especially if you have never done so with precision in the past. Below is a list of three recommended food scales available for purchase on Amazon to help you with your CICO weight loss journey.

1. Digital Food Scale by Greater Goods

CICO for Weight Loss: Food Scale

2. Etekcity Digital Food Scale with Removable Bowl

CICO for Weight Loss: Food Scale

3. Etekcity Digital Food Scale and Multifunction Kitchen Weight Scale with Removable Bowl

CICO for weight loss: food scale