About it's CICO


After having personal success with CICO I have noticed a huge gap in conversations about weight loss.

It feels like CICO is this secret that Reddit has about how weight loss works. So many threads and conversations about disapproving families hearing that you are losing weight through “calorie counting”. It is the black sheep of weight loss methods. The rest of the world perceives calorie counting as being unhealthy and obsessive. But my personal experience with it was so different. CICO actually felt LESS restrictive than other methods. It allowed for me to make my own decisions about where I chose to “invest” my calories each day. It forced me to learn about different foods and their ingredients – knowledge that I now carry with me and use to help make smarter food decisions every day. While the amount of calories in a food item isn’t the only thing that matters, it certainly reveals a lot about that food and shouldn’t ever be shunned from the picture completely.

CICO makes you make your own decisions.

You chose when to eat healthy and when you can splurge.

The reason why critics often shoot down calorie counting as a legitimate method is because they assume we are trying to avoid eating healthy foods. NOT TRUE. In fact through CICO, we are educating ourselves about what products ingredients can take us the furthest in our food day. It’s not that we’re saying EAT ALL THE UNHEALTHY FOODS ALL THE TIME. It’s that we’re saying HERE this is your budget for the day. You can do what you want with it. Either eat one giant, greasy cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake and be done for the day. OR you can put together three calorie-efficient meals and two small snacks. Or you can put together 8 medium-sized snacks. One of those snacks can be something sweet. One of those meals can be a whole cauliflower and you will still have lots of calories to spare for other meals. WHATEVER. You do you. If you end up deciding to go the “unhealthy foods all the time” route then yeah you will probably not feel so hot. We’re not endorsing that. We’re saying you have a budget for the day, use it wisely. You will learn very quickly how far (or not far) your budget can take you depending on the decisions you make.

CICO isn’t the only method.

But it is the foundation for all other methods.

And I don’t ever want to claim that one thing works for everyone. I understand that it can be triggering depending on your personal history and relationship with food. But at the root of just about every packaged diet, isn’t the goal to eat less calories? Why is the health community shaming something that is literally at the foundation of every other diet method. It clicked for me, it’s clicked for SO MANY OF YOU and now I am inspired to share CICO beyond the reddit community. So many long-term success stories all keep pointing back to CICO. 

My goals

Quite simply my goals are to bring awareness about CICO to a broader community.

I hope that we can remove some of the stigma’s around calorie counting in general. And perhaps provide a “new” weight loss strategy to those who have struggled with other packaged diet plans.

Have an idea? Want to contribute? Or just want to talk about CICO?