Take control of your weight using CICO

Learn valuable lessons about your body and the food you eat.

What is CICO?

CICO means “calories in, calories out”

Unlike diet plans that sell you a short-term schtick, CICO teaches you valuable lessons about your body, the food you eat and how to maintain the bodyweight you want.

Because CICO is adaptable to your specific body, it will work if you properly commit. You will meet your body goals and the knowledge you gain will set you up for long-term success.

-Review your current eating habits
-Learn how many calories your body needs to sustain itself
-Tweak your food intake to meet your weight goals

Are you ready to discover how you can fit your favourite foods into a long-term plan?


Why it's CICO?

After having personal success with CICO I have noticed a huge gap in conversations about weight loss.